Great Shape! Inc. has just been humbled.  We are humbled by the amazing amount of support from the dental community for the 1000 Smiles project that is entering its 10th year.  Volunteers can tell of many frustrating and “colorful” hours of machine downtime fixing vacuums.  They will also be spared transporting bulky equipment for complex setups and noxious gas cans to run loud generators.  We are ecstatic to announce that those days are over! 
We have just acquired our 16th (yes, 16th!!) portable ADEC self-contained dental unit for the 1000 Smiles project.  The original goal was only 15 units!  These new units, requiring ¼ the time to set up, are driven by a single compressor which is powered by common 110V electricity.  This new unit will save hours of time and thousands of dollars in maintenance and supplies.  The ten volunteers that have test driven the first units can testify that these make all the difference in the world!  This is indeed a very exciting moment for the Great Shape! team.  This moment wouldn’t be here if not for the help of some amazing people. 
The 14th unit was fully donated by Dr. Reginald Gowans.  Dr Gowans is a successful oral and maxillofacial surgeon from Roseville, CA.  Thank you Dr. Gowans.

Dr Teresa Yagi donated half the cost of the 15th new unit.  Dr. Yagi, from Seattle, WA, has volunteered her time on the 1000 Smiles project for the last 8 years.  Thank you Dr. Yagi.

Andy and Denise Saller donated the other half of the cost for the 15th unit.  Denise is a dental hygienist and Andy is a lawyer from Olympia, WA.  Both Denise and Andy have been to ALL TEN of the 1000 Smiles projects!  Incredible!  Thank you Andy and Denise.

The 16th unit was funded in part by generous donations from Dr. Christine Lathuras, Dr. Teresa Castner, and Lisa Torre Murray.  Thank you all SO much for making this dream a reality.  This will make future projects infinitely more enjoyable and a much more rewarding experience for all those involved.
Donors for the first 13 units are below and are equally responsible and are equally appreciated for their contribution to this campaign!

Unit 1: Dr. CR Anderegg
Unit 2: Dr. Newton Gordon
Unit 3: Dr. Harvey Arnce
Unit 4: Dr. Ran Florence
Unit 5: Dr. Debbie Herrick
Unit 6::Drs. Levine, Langiulli, Bernstein & Auster
Unit 7: Dr. Doug Sandmann
Unit 8: Dr. & Mrs. William C. Chan
Unit 9: Dr. Henry Bennett
Unit 10: University of California at San Francisco Alumni
Unit 11: Dr. Michael Chan
Unit 12: Dr. Ron Guttu
Unit 13: Dr. Paul Hall
Also, thank you CR, Harvey and Dr. G for helping make this campaign a Great Success!