livIt is with great excitement that I say hello to you via cyberspace and share that I am the newest intern with Let It Shine Media, focusing on Great Shape! Inc.

My name is Liv Schneider and I’m a junior at Gonzaga University majoring in Public Relations and double-minoring in English and Promotions. I’m leaving my rainy hometown of Portland, OR this summer for new adventures and beginnings in Spokane. After living abroad last semester in Florence, Italy, I’ve returned to Gonzaga super-charged for a jam-packed year of connection-making and personal discernment.

At Gonzaga, I get to converse with donors as a student caller for Telefund, Gonzaga’s scholarship procurement program, plus I get to nurture students as co-coordinator for Gonzaga’s Reality Camp, a pre-orientation program providing service immersion for incoming students!

I’m especially excited by both dialogue and action surrounding global social justice. I have two upcoming trips, with Gonzaga students, to both New York and D.C. to talk with other students about social change. It’s my personal goal to step beyond just conversation and create positive action to eventually inspire change in our world. It is my firm belief that connections can heal brokenness, which is one of the major reasons I get so pumped about being in the field of PR.

When I’m not focused on school and developing my PR craft, I like to lead an ever-changing way of life. I live an active life in search of laughter and authentic connection. Let It Shine inspires people to be their most brilliant, best selves every day, and Great Shape! Inc. provides the opportunity to step into action. It is with great joy that I now speak on behalf of this inspiring force!