This blog was written by Hana Case, a thirteen year old that attended this year’s Ashland fundraiser.

          Saturday, June 25th, 2011, at 6:00 pm was the fundraiser for Great Shape! Inc. I went with my mom, dad, little brother Westin, and little sister Ava. I wore a short, prom like dress covered with black and white zebra stripes

We easily spotted Hana, thanks to her dress.

          I saw a lot of people at the benefit, people I haven’t seen for a long time. I saw Molly and Matt Ochoa, my old soccer coaches, and their twin daughters. I saw Billy Bob, long time family friend. I saw many other people too. And of course, I saw Lucinda, (Awesome emcee) my favorite aunty, Tressanna, (She gave a speech) my cousin from Jamaica, and Georgene, my grandma and founder of Great Shape! Inc.

          One of my favorite parts of the benefit was the video. Every year, Alpenglow Productions and Let It Shine Media put on a video on how Great Shape! influences the lives of others. This year’s video was about Tressanna as a younger girl, and Richard when they first were introduced to Great Shape! They even read speeches on how Great Shape provided them with access to education and professional training.  
          One highlight of the night was the live auction. Bryon Millarde and Lucinda stood on the stage while Bryon shouted out prices and auction numbers. “Bid at 200 now 300, bid at 200 now 250, 200, 200, sold to number 45 for 200!” Bryon spoke so fast, it was hard to understand him very well. The live auction was exciting! People cheered and waved pompoms when someone raised their auction number. A lot of prizes were won.
          Great Shape! Inc. is a one of a kind organization that brings all different people together for one night of fun and amazing humanitarian projects in Jamaica. Great Shape really stands out. Just like my zebra dress.
Thanks for your perspective Hana. Hope to see standing out next year! One Love.