Glen Johnson, known to the Great Shape! family as one of the nicest men in Jamaica, is now touring the United States. On his big adventure, Glen has seen new sites, met new people and re-connected with life-long friends. Glen, 67 years old, is from the Kendal area of Jamaica, in the hills above Negril.

Beginning on the East Coast (where he watched his granddaughter graduate from Brockport College in Rochester, NY), he made his way through Canada, Ashland, OR (the founding home of Great Shape! Inc.), Portland, OR, to Spokane, WA to hang with the communications interns (and celebrate the 8th grade graduation of our student ambassador!).


Niagara Falls (on the border between NYC/USA & Ontario, Canada): beautiful.

Mount Ashland  (just inside the OR border) for his first snowball fight: cold & exciting!

Favorite site:  Overhead bridges!

Let ‘er buck! Glen excitedly watched the bull riders, ropers, and his personal favorite… kids on sheep. Muttin’ bustin’ isn’t exactly common on the beaches of Negril.

In Jamaica, Glen serves the volunteers of Great Shape! as a driver, facilitator, hauler, tour guide, listener, cook, cultural liaison, translator… He also owns a house rental. So it’s pretty amazing for our volunteers to get to host Glen along his trek in the U.S.  He’s having a great time with many of our U.S. volunteers, and is looking forward to a “hot, hot party” with about 30 of them in Ashalnd.  Of course he’s excited…after all, it’s with Great Shape! people.

Ashland’s FunRaising Committee hopes Glen will get to stay for the event on June 29th. He says, “I’m not sure yet because time is limited.”  All we can do now is keep our fingers crossed!

Wanna meet Glen? Volunteer on the August “Teach the Teachers Project”!

Glen’s house rental:

Ashland Fun-Rasier: