Brush Up Jamaica with Great Shape! Inc.

Great Shape! Inc. wants to give a shout out to Brush Up Jamaica! Brush Up Jamaica is a program that works to “raise the level of oral health care, access, and education across Jamaica by developing oral health [programs] that empower Jamaicans to maintain healthy lifestyles.” They are an amazing group of people that we have had the opportunity to work with for the past week in our 1000 Smiles program.

Brush Up Jamaica was founded by a group of students from UTech, a dental college in Jamaica. They began because they wanted to help the development of oral health care in Jamaica; it is often times neglected. Tooth decay can lead to cavities, disease, low birth rates, unemployment, and even death. Making positive behavioral changes in dental health can impact the overall lives of the Jamaican people. Brush Up Jamaica believes that “it is with pride that we continue our projects to help our people that may just need a smile to get them through the day.”

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