Jamaica’s Blue Mountain Coffee is an excellent start to your day. Once ranked as one of the world’s best, Blue Mountain Coffee has suffered some inconsistencies over the past decade with changes in government and the economy. However, it remains a mighty tasty cup of coffee with quite a history…
Back in 1723 – seedlings of an Arabica Coffee plant made their way to the Paris Botanical Gardens and were taken to the island of Martinique by French naval officer Gabriel Mathieu de Clieu. Unfortunately, only one sapling survived the journey – but spread quickly. By the mid 1700’s, the Governor of Jamaica, Sir Nicolas Lawes introduced Jamaica to the coffee plant (which was imported from Hispaniola) and began the first cultivation of the plant at the foothills of St. Andrew. Jamaica’s lone coffee plant rapidly expanded into the depths of the Blue Mountains and once coffee plantations were established, Jamaica took the coffee world by storm!

The power of three… Jamaica’s renowned coffee blend: altitude, volcanic soil and high-quality care for the beans. Rich forest reserves located on the northern slopes of the Blue Mountains, rising over 7,000 feet above sea level, contribute to the sublime flavor of the roast. “Botanical super food” created by the ancient extinct volcanoes that lie beneath the Blue Mountains, gives the beans all the nutrients they need. The Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica is charged with quality control and is supposed to monitor the development of the coffee. All three factors make for a niiiiiice blend.

Let’s do coffee! In Jamaica. Join us.

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