Executive Director Joseph Wright is now an “Honorary Fellow” of the School of Oral Health Sciences, UTECH, and Dr. Serwin Shinn is the ADA (American Dental Association) Humanitarian of the Year!

Joseph Wright at the Symposium (far left)

Joseph Wright presented at the first ever Symposium on Oral Health, speaking about Great Shape!’s Sealant Project. “It is a huge honor and a very proud moment for me. I accepted the award on behalf of the some 1,500 volunteers that have joined Great Shape! serving the people of Jamaica,” says Joseph.

Dr. Sherwin Shinn

Dr. Sherwin Shinn is the co-founder of the 1000 Smiles dental project. He hopes that his recognition will inspire others to facilitate volunteerism. “Most of us want to do the best that we can with our lives. Do our best in our personal lives as well as do our best in our career. You want to be able to go home at the end of each day and be able to say ‘I did my best.’ Sometimes I wonder whether I’m really doing my best or doing all that I could be doing, so to get this type of recognition from my peers really makes me feel good. It’s verification that I’m doing something right,” says Sherwin.

All of us at Great Shape! Inc. are so proud that Joseph and Sherwin are a part of our family. They have really helped Great Shape! make a difference in people’s lives, and have encouraged others to do the same.