There’s always room for creativity in the classroom and our literacy volunteers are influential magicians! When creating a lesson plan, it’s a great idea to let those creative juices flow to keep students engaged and eager to learn something new.

When learning to read, young students can often feel frustrated and bored. Likewise, teachers can feel defeated if their students don’t immediately respond to their lesson plan. If you’re a full-time teacher or Teach the Teachers/SuperKids volunteer, it might be time to lively up your next lesson plan and/or share insight with each other!

What’s our latest and greatest tip for education creativity? It’s simple – be VISUAL! When teaching new vocabulary or verbal pronunciation, create large visual representations of the lessons you aim to teach. Whether you’re teaching the word “apple” or incorporating The Cat in the Hat into your classroom, colorful photos are helpful in getting youngsters to properly retain information.

It’s also an opportunity for you to spend some time getting extra crafty, creative, and artistic! To us, creative lesson planning sounds like a win-win scenario bound for success.