Nicole, Gonzaga University Senior

This post is from Nicole on her job shadow with Let It Shine Media, Great Shape!‘s communications office.

Life is funny in that connections are everywhere. To connect these dots all it takes is a little time to ask good questions of others and yourself. My job shadow today with Let It Shine Media is another dot on the way to finding my passion.

It started out as a gray fall day, with a phone call to Karly about which house to walk into. When I entered the office, it became clear to me that this business and nonprofit is fun as well as personable. Karly’s experience and wisdom on what she has learned outside of the classroom through the use of social media has clearly made a huge impact on her as a Public Relations professional. Today Karly is more confident and prepared to write a press release, talk with the public and knows how to be a great employee. If there is one thing I learned from Karly today, it is that the most important role of a young professional is perseverance. Even though it took Karly numerous attempts to get an internship, she ended up exactly where she needed to be.

An hour later after great conversations about class, Karly’s internship, and Let It Shine in general, Lucinda walked in. Lucinda promptly and kindly introduced herself to me. I had heard from Dr. Dorsey and friends what a wonderful lady she is. This job shadow confirmed these sentiments. I have always wanted to find my passion in this short life. I want to do what I love and make a positive impact in the lives of others. When you meet someone who lives their passion, it is inspiring. Lucinda talked about Let It Shine, her experiences from the news room to the creation of her own Public Relations firm, but what captured my attention is the story of how Let It Shine came to be. Lucinda mentioned that as a child in the midst of turmoil she prayed to God, “If you give me opportunities and people to help me get out of this situation, I promise to let my light shine, and to bring that light out in others.”It took time but eventually she created Let It Shine which does just what she prayed for. I am astounded that anyone can make a difference in this world through a little faith like Lucinda’s and the passion to see that dream come true.

After my chat with Lucinda I listened to Valerie, her assistant. She taught me that list making is still an important tool for any organization. With the various clients that Lucinda meets with from Echo Springs, to Peak Sports and Spine, it is clear that Valerie plays a key role with Let It Shine by the creation of lists and updates on social media. These are just a few small roles she fills since as Lucinda put it, “Valerie Is the boss of the boss, and the master of details.” Valerie has one of the toughest jobs, yet handles it elegantly.

I am extremely grateful to have learned not only about this organization but a little bit about myself. This is the point of a job shadow anyway, is it not? I am refreshed to hear that Public Relations does impact people’s lives in a positive way if done correctly. While in class sometimes my profession seems to do more harm than good. No matter what I do, whether it is teaching or a job in the world of communications I will do my best to tell the stories of others. Everyone needs to know that we are all connected. These dots are what allow people like me to let their lights shine more brightly.