Mama G and Gretchen are in the house! The Great Shape! PR office is lucky to have these wonderful ladies around. They’re offering insight, spunk, and encouragement. Their shock of the 1 degree temperature on arrival has yet to subside, clearly in Ashland the snow does not fall like it does here.

Mama G celebrated her birthday yesterday with some of her Spokane friends and family. She provided the home cookin’ while guests provided good, clean fun. Mama G couldn’t pass up the opportunity to cut some hair – Lucinda has a sharp funky new ‘do and Tika’s long locks have some added layers.
Gretchen is happy as ever, traveling more and working less (except when it comes to SuperKids). She is getting so fancy with her smart phone skills, Gretchen will soon pass up all the generations of tech savvy teens!

Mama G and Gretchen are working on some upcoming changes for the SuperKids project. They will head back to Jamaica in April to evaluate schools in the Negril area. Can’t wait to hear back from them about all the exciting new things to come.

Mondays can sometimes be a tough start to a new week, but when Mama G and Gretchen are around you know it is going to be a week filled with fun, love, and new memories!

If you wanna meet Mama G and Gretchen, volunteer in Jamaica! Email