To help keep everyone update about the 1000 Smiles project going on right now in Jamaica, is Mike Varner. We are so pleased to have Mike on the team. We appreciate his continued efforts and hard work. Mike will be posting blogs as he continues his adventure. To follow Mike and the team keep checking the Great Shape! blog.

Here’s the first two from Mike’s trip…

Thursday, November 5

Hi all! My name is Mike Varner. I am a four-year member of Great Shape!. I am currently on my second leg of an air trip to Jamaica. Its 8:30 pm Thursday and I am at Phoenix’s sky harbor airport. Tomorrow I will arrive in Jamaica for a two-week adventure. Stay tuned to the blogs for updates and fun adventures I will be on.

Mike Varner

Saturday, November 7

All volunteers for the week-one Negril project have arrived. Tonight we’re having a meet and greet to learn about each other. Lots of first-year people here. All seem very excited about doing what they came to do. I will be working with Dr. C.R. Anderegg and his crew for the 1st week. He wants me to help more on the medical side. For example, taking blood pressure and measuring pulse. Plus I will be assisting others.

The weather is warm and humid but not hot. Today we had a cooling storm come in and it’s nice out now. Everyone is excited about meeting and working and having fun with each other. Looks like a fun week in store for all.

Mike Varner