Tara Montgomery was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She is currently a substitute teacher for grades 6 -12, and in search for a permanent position as a Middle School Language Arts/ Social Studies Educator. Tara joined our team last November, as a SuperKids volunteer in Ocho Rios. Tara originally heard about Great Shape! through her brother’s girlfriend, Lana Torrence, who served as project coordinator in 2010.

Georgene Crowe (Mama G), SuperKids Literacy Project Coordinator says, “Tara immediately connected with the children of Beecher Town Primary; interacting, teaching and bonding with them, even in the rain!” Tara served with her cousin Joshua. Mama G goes on, “Tara is self-confident and knows how to communicate in a positive way with Great Shape! Inc. volunteers and the children and families of Jamaica.”

Tara absolutely loved her time with the kids in Jamaica. She says she’s in awe with their ability to “soak up information like sponges, and they’re so innovative.” Tara has a heart for helping people and making a difference. She’ll switch from the SuperKids literacy project to the dental project, as she takes on a leadership role as Project Coordinator for 1,000 Smiles this upcoming fall.

Tara describes Great Shape! Inc. as “a great organization that helps better the lives of the Jamaican people through eye care, dental care, and educational improvement. A main attribute that those Great Shape!-ers’ demonstrate is how easy it is to help those in need, whether it be through donations or volunteering.” Great Shape! Inc. is excited to continue this adventure with Tara!