You can make a difference at any age! Great Shape! Inc. recently received an amazing donation from a surprising group of young individuals. The students of The Phoenix School in Salem, Massachusetts heard about Great Shape! Inc.’s 1000 Smiles project and decided to donate to our organization. Check out the card that accompanied the donation:

8th grade letter with colors

Dear Great Shape! Inc.,

 Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Isabelle from The Phoenix School, and we run an EarlyAct Club, which is our community service club. It is run by all 23 students in our small school. We have a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Clerk. The EarlyAct officers, including myself, got to go to a Salem Rotary Club meeting one day and we heard about your project and we decided to suggest it to the rest of the club.

 We, as kids, get to make most of the decisions like who we are going to donate to, what projects we want to do to help our community, etc. We have chosen to doate $50 to your worthy cause because we believe every kid deserves dental care.

 Our club had a meeting, and we all voted on whether or not we were going to donate the money to you, and it was unanimous that we would. We are happy that we get to help 1,000 Smiles.



   8th Grade         

The Phoenix School         

These students come from a unique school that puts an emphasis on “academic excellence, leadership, creativity and community engagement.” With one classroom for all 23 students, ages pre-school through 8th grade, The Phoenix School takes an original approach to learning. It’s so impressive that from such a young age these students realize the need to help others and also realize their ability to make a difference and take action. The students at The Phoenix School are fantastic examples of taking initiative to make a difference in the world they live in.… as you know, wisdom can flow from all generations.

You can make a difference today too by making the decision to help others whether that be with a donation or volunteering. Great Shape! Inc. thrives on the generosity and graciousness of those that support our organization. We hope you will consider making a contribution to Great Shape! Inc., no matter what age you are.

Compressed Student Art for Webpage2Compressed Student Art for Webpage

Original Artwork by James

The Phoenix School, Salem, MA 01970