Unicycles, shredding on a skateboard, and the Great Wall of China: Great Shape! Inc. and Let it Shine are in for some thrills as we introduce three new interns to our team.

Leslie Larson

Leslie comes to us from Eastern Washington University where she is studying Communications with a minor in Leadership. Fun fact about Leslie: she traveled to Beijing for the 2008 Summer Olympics, to perform at the 2008 Beijing Orchestra, Marching Band, and Color Guard. Leslie’s color guard team danced on the Great Wall, as well as in Tienanmen Square. Check out the video below! She tells us, “It is important for me to be involved in a humanitarian project because then I know I am giving something back… I am devoting my time and energy to something that’s much bigger than myself”

(She’s up on the balcony)

Maria Claxton 

Maria is currently studying Human Resource Management with an emphasis in training and development and a minor in Communications at Eastern Washington University. Interestingly enough, she knows how to ride a unicycle. Back in elementary school it was “the cool thing to do,” so she picked it up as a hobby in about forty-five days. It’s important to her to be involved with a humanitarian project because her parents raised her to give back. “I was blessed enough to have a wonderful support system growing up, and I hope I can be that light for other people.”

Austin Knight

Austin is studying at the University of Idaho working towards his degree in Graphic  and Web Design. In his free time he enjoys shredding it up on the skateboard. Maybe if we’re lucky he’ll show us sometime. Austin, lets us know  “I love being able to use my talent and abilities to help benefit others. Knowing that my contributions are helping to change lives gives me a lot of happiness. Many people don’t seize the opportunity to help others in need with what they know how to do. I’ve done lots of work for various humanitarian projects, and everything I have done has been way more beneficial to me than getting a pay check! Changing someones life for the better, no matter how it is done, is the biggest blessing I could ever get.”

Great Shape! welcomes you all and can’t wait to see what you will accomplish! One Love!