The love for Great Shape! continues to grow with people becoming life long volunteers in several ways for the organization. Dr. Phyllis Chen of Mission Terrace Dental in San Francisco, California has kindly and generously offered to be the official Staff Dentist for Great Shape! Inc. staff.

Phyllis began volunteering with 1000 Smiles in its first year of operation, 2002. She has a deep understanding of the wonderful work Great Shape! is doing in Jamaica and how something so simple as a dental check-up can change someone’s life.

At this moment, Phyllis is unable to travel to Jamaica each year, but has discovered another way for her to support the organization. She is donating her time, energy, and care to be the Great Shape! staff dentist. We thank Phyllis for her compassion and love for the people of Jamaica, the 1000 Smiles project, and the Great Shape! staff.

To find out more about Phyllis and the whole team at Mission Terrace Dental check out their website.