Great Shape! Inc. has its first ever music video! Spokane Singer/Songwriter, Cheryl Branz wrote and performed “Sharing My Smile.” She even paid for the recording studio. GS Board member, Gretchen Lee says, “this song is so amazing and joyful. It’s just incredible how many people came together to make it happen.”
The video shooting process itself, wasn’t easy. Craig Baumann of Alpenglow Productions (Alaska) and the Let It Shine team (Spokane) had to battle sweat, pouring rain on tin roofs (very loud!), and lack of equipment (team had to invent the “broom mic”)… but the “smilers” worked like pro’s!
The music video is intended to ease fears and increase joy. In Jamaica, folks can be terrified of visiting the dentist, as many have never seen one before. Sharing My Smile is now available to educate and celebrate.
Cheryl Branz is amazing. Thank you!
Kevin Johnson of KXLY TV shot the video of the recording session in the U.S.
Craig Baumann shot all the video in JA and edited the piece.
The Let It Shine team rounded out the team as producers and grips.