rising-son_blog-2015The awesome and talented Rising Son is dropping some sweet, reggae beats at our Benefit Concert on June 19th in Ashland, OR!

“We are excited to share our music in support of the mission of Great Shape! Inc. Providing access to education and healthcare for over 40,000 people each year is a massive endeavor. As such, we are happy to support the hundreds of volunteers who lend themselves to this amazing work. To be able to give back to the children and families of Jamaica is a true honor. We are all deeply inspired by the music and culture of Jamaica. This is reflected in our music and in our lives. We are forever grateful for the people of Jamaica and the many treasures they have shared with the world. Among them is perhaps the greatest concept with the potential to bring peace, stability and higher consciousness to our world…One Love” – Rising Son


We hope to see YOU at our Benefit Concert!

June 19th, 2015

5 PM – 9 PM

Grizzly Peak Winery, Ashland, OR.

Buy your tickets today! Buy five, get one free: http://ht.ly/MNZrT