Environmental Awareness in Jamaica! 
It’s SuperKids’ Green Team!
“A tree for you, a tree for me, a tree for everyone to see… Yea Peace Tree! “
SuperKids is bringing
environmental education to Jamaica! We are talking recycling, re-using, proper trash removal and greening up the school grounds with plants and trash clean-up… We are sharing the hazards of burning trash and dumping trash into beloved water ways, rivers and streams, as well as the benefits of clean water and keeping our natural spaces trash-free.
SuperKids is also bringing the joy of growing one’s own food into schools. Not only do home-grown veggies and fruits taste better, they do not rely on petroleum to ship them, or chemicals to keep them fresh for weeks. Growing your own veggies is easy, rewarding and good for the planet. It can also provide the gardener with a strong connection to nature, a deep understanding of the natural world and foster empathy and a sense of stewardship for our planet.
Some staple food plants in Jamaica include: bananas, breadfruit, sugar cane, peas, and coconut. Yum! What fruits and veggies grow best in your region?
A great way to get started on growing some of your own food is to visit your local farmers market. There you can find seeds and plant starts in the spring. It is also a great place to get tips and advice for your beginning garden, when to plant those tomatoes and when to harvest your corn, or breadfruit…  Are you too busy this year for a garden? Farmer’s markets are also a community event and fun for the whole family. Check out your local market for the freshest food available, live music, chef demonstrations and more! 
It is up to every one of us to protect our planet from pollution. The first step is awareness. We must teach children to be responsible stewards of our only home. 
Great Shape! Inc. and SuperKids is dedicated to facilitating environmental awareness in Jamaica. With fun educational activities, plantings of peace gardens on school grounds, singing songs, and organizing clean-up parties, SuperKids’ green team is taking environmental education on in Jamaica! Together we can provide a healthy home for many generations to come!
Join Our 2012 SuperKids team! 
This fall we will be in Jamaica for three weeks, bringing literacy education to schools: books, computers, school uniforms, and our Green Team! Join our family of dedicated volunteers, for more information and to register email us at superkids@gsjamaica.org.