7-300x200Health and happiness are two gifts essential to the goodness of life. GS!I Inc. is dedicated to ensuring these vital necessities are present in Jamaica and St. Lucia no matter the circumstances!

Through our great humanitarian efforts dedicated to serving the greater Caribbean, GS!I Inc. is proud to play a large role in providing health and happiness to those in need. Whether we’re caring for smiles, brightening one’s vision, enhancing education, or providing professional development training, our volunteer efforts are focused on ensuring that the lives of those we serve reach the greatest good possible.

We believe that each and every life is deserving of the utmost care imaginable. Our family welcomes any and all that wish to serve to join us in promoting the solidarity of Jamaica and St. Lucia.

Looking for a chance to find fulfillment and serve? Then JOIN US and participate in our SuperKids literacy enhancement project Oct. 28-Nov. 14, 2016 for your chance to bring incredible amounts of health and happiness to Negril, Jamaica. 

Contact us NOW at 510-893-1751, visit our website at greatshapeinc.org for more detailed information, or APPLY HERE.

It’s never too late to create change. Be a part of our GS!I Inc. tradition of spreading love, light, happiness, and care!