At our annual Ashland FunRaiser on June 28th we were overjoyed to have Dr. Sherwin Shinn as our guest speaker. Doc Shinn has been volunteering with Great Shape! Inc. since 1999, but has been a long time devoted humanitarian for many years.

Dr. Shinn is the Director of Clinical Dentistry for Great Shape! Inc. but also works at the Lindquist Dental Clinic for Children. He lives in Gig Harbor, Washington with his wife and 5 kids, ages ranging from 3 months to 10 years.

He received all of his education from the University of Washington Seattle campus, where he earned at Bachelor of Science in Preventative Medicine, and a Doctor of Dental Surgery in Dentistry.

In 2013 Dr. Shinn received the American Dental Association Humanitarian of the Year award for his dedication to serving others. As quoted, “I would share a cup of sugar with my next door neighbor if I had it. I believe the world is our neighborhood and all people in it are my neighbors. I share what I have because it is the right thing to do; to uplift, enrich, befriend, and sweeten the lives of all my neighbors.”

Thank you Dr. Shinn for all that you do to serve the world and our Jamaican community. We are grateful for you!

Dr. Shinn with his wife Faria
Dr. Shinn with his wife Faria

One Love!