Hurricane Sandy is approaching the island of Jamaica. Forceful winds and steady rains are affecting many people as water and power lines are shut off. But the Jamaican people and volunteers have not lost hope! Papa Joe, Executive Director of Great Shape! has gathered the volunteers to keep them steady and joyful.

Due to the hurricane warning, 1000 Smiles clinics are closed today. But Great Shape! is not the only thing that has been affected by the hurricane. According to USA Today, “The island’s international airports closed, cruise ships changed their itineraries and police ordered 48-hour curfews in major towns to keep people off the streets and deter looting as the late-season storm neared Jamaica’s south coast.”

The hurricane is currently moving toward the southeastern part of Jamaica. It is expected to reach land by this afternoon, then move up towards Cuba and the east coast of the U.S.

Everyone that is affected by Hurricane Sandy will be kept in our thoughts, keep the hope! “De wind, she a blow! But nobody gon knock down our spirit!”