iCare is blossoming this year more than we could have ever expected! For the five day clinic in Savanna La Mar, 29 North American and 8 Jamaican volunteers were able to provide 1,500 eye exams, 2,200 pair of glasses with 20 referrals for custom glasses (frames given), 109 eye surgery referrals to Cornwall Regional Hospital, 800 blood pressure or blood sugar tests with 300 abnormal cases, and 14 hospital referrals. It is wonderful to know that iCare is able to help these individuals with their vision needs. As we transition into the second week of iCare, we hope that many more people will come through the clinic and seek assistance. As of right now, for the 2009-2010 year, Great Shape! has provided eye care for 3,350 Jamaicans.

Not only is the iCare facility able to help with vision problems, but they are also assisting with medical needs. Colleen Clancy, a medical nurse volunteer, saw an eight year old boy come through the clinic and initially searched him for ring worm. During this process he took his shirt off and Colleen noticed a late stage melanoma (skin cancer) on his back. Because of the seriousness the boy was immediately referred to the chief doctor in Savanna La Mar, where the melanoma will be removed. His parents had no idea that their son had skin cancer and with this medical check his life will more than likely be saved. This is powerful stuff!