In light of today’s events in Connecticut….

We are reaching out to our blessed volunteers on the East Coast, USA:

We are so sad to hear about the horrific shootings in Newtown. You and your families are in our prayers. We know your home state of Connecticut and our world is so small, and connections are so tight, this tragedy touches all of us.

Please let us know that you and your families are safe and sound. Please know we are right here…we love you and we are grateful for you.

With prayers of light and love,

Papa Joe, Tiffany, and your Board Family: Georgene, Gretchen, Lucinda, Brad, Tressanna, Kate, CR,  Harvey, Bob, Gordon, Derek, Brenda, Carmen, Valerie and Karly.

We are including all of our families around the world, so that we can all be focusing our thoughts on strength and safety.