Whether commuting home from work, conversing in a local diner, or congregating at a downtown hangout, anybody within an earshot of KOMO 1000 radio heard the iCare story on Monday. Thanks to one of our volunteers, Paul Caletti, KOMO 1000 radio in Seattle, Washington was able to conduct an interview and air it Monday evening.

Paul is one of the iCare volunteers for this year’s fall project. He is 71 years of age and lives in Redmond, Washington. Paul has been involved with numerous volunteer projects throughout his life, and is now experiencing his first trip with Great Shape! Inc. We are lucky to have him as one of our volunteers. A special thanks goes out to Paul for taking the time to be interviewed, and more importantly for his enthusiasm in helping people in need.

Paul was interviewed about the iCare project that is currently under way. The story aired at about 5:15 Monday evening and aired several times. We hope this story alone touched thousands and opened many people’s eyes to Great Shape! Inc., what we do, and why we do it. Thank you again to Paul and the rest of our iCare team!