Cher Gauweiler, an amazing member of our team here at Great Shape!Inc shared an inspiring story with us about how one song influenced so many! 

Love Can Build a Bridge (Click to Watch Children Sing Song)

“At the end of two weeks, I wanted to do something that would synthesize everything we have learned (making connections, visualizing, etc.) about comprehension. So, I read and then taught them the song “Love Can Build a Bridge” by the Judds. The song was turned into a children’s book.

The children then received a piece of crepe paper, a pom-pom ball, and some construction paper and markers.
They created a “bridge” between the USA and Jamaica – where together the Great Shapers and the Jamaican teachers and students made a connection through love. 🙂
Prior to the last day I collaborated with another teacher (Miss Dixon) and she made copies of the song and taught them to a select group of students. They sang it on our last day a group and invited me to join them.”
It is actions like these that make the people and the efforts of this organization truly special. We do this out of the love in our hearts because after all, Love Really can Build a Bridge!