It takes a village of strong, hard working, and passionate individuals to create the magic of Great Shape! Inc. and Let It Shine Media!

An integral member of our “village” is Tami Ressa! Tami is Let It Shine’s Executive Assistant who works tirelessly to keep the team on track.

Born and raised in Spokane, Tami attended Gonzaga Preparatory High School and went on to receive her degree in Sociology and graduate with honors from Gonzaga University. Tami’s honorable recognition from GU was due in large part to her extensive research on homeless men, women, and children in Spokane – an experience that allowed her to gain new perspectives.

Conducting my research allowed me to learn that a majority of people are only one or two paychecks away from being homeless,” Tami says.  “Not everyone has a support system and those who are homeless are really no different than us.”

After college, Tami’s journey led her to become an Administrative Assistant at Gonzaga Prep and then onto running the office for Spokane Chiropractic and Sports Injury Clinic. Soon enough, Tami crossed paths with our communications director, Lucinda.

I’ve always been a people person,” Tami says. “Working in the field of communications allows me to step outside my comfort zone. And I love working with Lucinda!”

The immense and unwavering amounts of energy, positivity, and encouragement that exist at Let It Shine keep Tami coming back for more. She firmly believes in Let It Shine’s ability to do great things for people locally and globally, as she’s been fortunate enough to volunteer with Great Shape! Inc. in Jamaica (November 2015).

Volunteering with Great Shape! Inc. allowed Tami to directly experience the impacts of her work and mission at Let It Shine.

It was an amazing experience,” Tami says, “It was inspiring, enlightening, and sad all at the same time. Seeing our work come to life was a positive reinforcement that allowed us to make a difference in the lives of others.”

When Tami isn’t collaborating in our office, you’ll most likely find her in the kitchen or spending time with her family. Tami’s husband and two children are her “world and greatest priority” while cooking is a great joy.

I’m always learning to cook new things!” Tami says. “I love to entertain people and create a meal whenever I can.

Through Tami’s relentless drive and inspired intention, there’s no doubt she’ll continue to promote the common good of what these two organizations do best- spreading light to those who need it most!