For those that have experienced Jamaica, or the music of Bob Marley, you may recognize the phrase “One Love”. It holds so much meaning for Jamaicans and has become a crucial part of Great Shape! Inc. by weaving its way through every thing we do here.

Our projects are about understanding the connection we all share, that deep down we are one people.

We come here to give and end up receiving so much more through our connections to the people in Jamaica.

We asked a few of our volunteers what One Love means to them. These were their responses:

“I hope the global community is working towards one love for all and this expereince gives me faith that it’s really happening.”
-Frankie, Spokane WA

“One Love, is how how I live. One Love connects us all.” -Kay, Portland OR

“One Love is a global community who makes decisions based in love.” -Cindy, Spokane WA