When people ask us why we do what we do, we just show them letters like this! We are so grateful that the wonderful work of so many leaders and volunteers can create lasting results such as these.

“April 20th, 2015

Mr. Joseph Wright (Papa Joe):

I was so surprised to meet you in the Seaford Town Roman Catholic Church a few weeks ago. I promised that I would write to you when I returned to Canada.

Before we met at the church, I did not know how to contact you or locate the address for the dental or iCare optical teams who came to Seaford Town to provide free services. I want you to know that there is immense affection from the people of the Seaford Town region for all those who provided the care to them. For many of the patients, it may be the first time they have ever had their teeth attended to, or their eyes examined and treated. Some have told me that this was a “Godsend”. This could not have come to be without the wonderful work of the Great Shape! Inc. organization.

On behalf of the Seaford Town NGO, Father Luke and the entire region, I have been asked to express to you and your colleagues, and also the Sandals Foundation our deepest appreciation for the work of the volunteers. As you know, people came from all around – Catadupa, Cambridge, Pisgah, Darliston, Lamb’s River, Seaford Town, St. Leonard’s, Bethel Town and more. When we worked to fix up the clinic, it was our dream that we might be able to attract health care providers, such as these volunteers, to provide the much needed attention for the residents who have little or no means to attend to their dental, eye or other health problems.

We are very hopeful that you will be able to help us bring more volunteers to our area again. We know that the teams give up their valuable vacation time to take care of others. It was such a gift that the Sandals Foundation, and all the partners, were able to provide the accommodation and other supports that the teams needed in order to donate their skills and time to our people in Westmoreland.

Since I do not have the address of Mr. Butch Stewart of Sandals, or the Sandals Foundation, I would request that you share my letter of appreciation with him directly, as well as with the team members and with your organization.

Mrs. Gwen Hayward

Seaford Town

Bethel Town Post Office

Westmoreland Jamaica”