Great impacts arise when our volunteers travel to the Caribbean. Every moment of our time spent serving is full of care, intentional guidance, and great love that can be felt from miles away. Each individual that chooses to volunteer with our family changes lives, gains new perspectives, and discovers a new hope for the greater good of our world.

Valorie Tresnor, a previous iCARE volunteer, shared her volunteer experience with us. Her inspired recollection sheds the utmost  light upon the incredible work of our programs and the individuals who make each trip to Jamaica & St. Lucia worthwhile.

“Hundreds of people are waiting in line when we arrive each morning, many of them haven’t been able to see for years,” Valorie says. “We take great care of them with exams and then the magic moment when our doctors prescribe the perfect glasses happens. They cry with joy when they see our faces for the first time.” 

To us, it’s the simple moments like this one that give our work value. Knowing that we are able to inspire the lives of others fuels our purpose, gives us strength, and dedicates our cause to placing the needs of others before our own.

Our family is always looking to expand. Join us to use your talents and help inspire our beloved Caribbean community! Click here to learn more about being a GS!I Inc. volunteer. 

One Love, One Family, One Purpose.

Great Shape! Inc.