If you have had the privilege to walk through the Let It Shine office in the past few weeks, you would have noticed something a little out of the ordinary. Around 70 plus computers have been sitting around waiting for Monday September 20th. What’s happening on the 20th you may ask? And why do we have so many computers?

The answer is one word: SuperKids! The Great Shape! Inc. literacy project is on the move, and these computers are step one. On Monday, these 70 plus computers will be shipped from Spokane, WA to Miami, FL (roughly 3,100 miles!) then on to a container ship which will take them to Jamaica. The computers will be going into the schools to assist the kids of Jamaica by teaching them basic computer skills as well as opening up the world of the internet to them. The kids are not only getting the computers, but all the necessities that go along with having a computer including six printers, mice, keyboards, cables, Ethernet cables, mouse pads and other essentials.

There is still time to get involved with SuperKids! You can sign up to help out in Jamaica or help us out on what we have dubbed Packing Day! Sign up to volunteer through the Great Shape! website www.gsjamaica.org!

Can’t do either but still want to help out? We are looking for donations of basic school supplies! email us at superkids@gsjamaica.org if you are interested