Our intern Jamee is traveling to Jamaica. We had a chance to interview her to hear about her experiences on packing, long distance flights, and the excitement to come!


(Photos by: MikelAnnePhotography)

KM: How did packing for your trip go?

JM: “I spent the whole night before trying to pack! I think I have everything I need and I guess if there is anything I forgot, I’ll just have to survive. I’m an awful packer and things were all over my room, whoops!”

KM: What exactly did you pack?

JM: “Well my clothes and toiletries for the week, as with any vacation, but each volunteer for Great Shape! has a list of things to bring with them to Jamaica for the projects.”

KM: Really? What did you have to bring?

JM: “Each volunteer brings things like crayons, pencils, pens, markers, erasers, notebooks, any children’s books they have- typical school supplies for the students- in order to enhance the educational experience. It’s really cool! Since obviously these things aren’t free, volunteers can ask friends, relatives, and business to donate items. It’s a great way to get the community involved!”

KM: Wow! That’s amazing. So how did you get to Jamaica?

JM: Well, my flight left this morning at 11:30am and I had a short flight from Spokane to Seattle. Once in Seattle I boarded the second leg of my journey to Atlanta. This was roughly a 4 hour flight but it flew by (literally). I sat with two people, who at the beginning of the flight were strangers, but by the time we gave each other hugs outside the gate in Atlanta, we felt like good friends. It was so great to have friendly people next to me on the flight and we talked the entire time.”

KM: That’s amazing, I feel like most people these days just want to listen to music or watch movies on their Ipads.

JM: Yeah I’ve seen that a lot, especially traveling abroad, but I guess we just clicked! The flight was probably one of the best I have ever taken because of them! I’ve always loved getting to know a little about the people I sit next to on flights but this was just a great experience! People come in and out of your lives, some stay for a long time but some only need a short amount of time to touch you and make an impact.

KM: I think we found our new Great Shape! Inc. slogan!

JM: (Laughs) Yes, well I think that idea is universal, people might not remember what you did but they will always remember how you made them feel.

KM: So are you in Jamaica now?

JM:  No! I’m currently waiting for my parents to arrive in Atlanta. We are staying the night here at a nearby hotel and then leaving bright and early tomorrow morning for Jamaica! We should land in Jamaica at noon if all goes well. Can’t wait!

Check back in to hear first time SuperKids volunteer, Jamee Mason, share her personal experiences about traveling abroad, helping others, and volunteering in a completely unique place, #JameeInJamaica!


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