In first person: Joseph Wright, Executive Director, Great Shape! Inc.

Greetings from Jamaica! It’s great to be home. My September 1st arrival on
the Island officially marks the beginning of our work in 2010. I call this
the “get tings sorted out” time. It is one of my favorite times of the year
as I have some precious quiet time to reflect on all that has happened in
the course of a year to get to this point.

It’s hot in Jamaica. Bone warming, empowering, life giving hot. Each day by
1pm the sky darkens ominously. Loud crashing thunder ushers in the thumping
rain. Within minutes the temperature drops 15 degrees and roadways become
red muddy flowing water ways. Faces peer out from under sidewalk awnings,
jammed packed with people waiting for the downpour to pass.

So I am here preparing for the some 350 heroes joining Great Shape! this
year to make a difference with their god given skills, time and love. As I
travel this beautiful Island for planning, meetings and clearing our 40′
container of supplies, I am taking a little time out to give thanks for
every single one of the thousand acts of kindness that have transpired this
year in support of what is about to take place.

I’ve said it before, it takes a village to run a nonprofit. And man, I’m
loving this village right now.

See you all soon! – Papa Joe

You too can join us in Jamaica. Visit: Great Shape! Inc.