The Sealant Project in Negril has been underway for a week now, and there has been an amazing response! One of our volunteers Kelliann has been so gracious enough to share her pictures and a thought about the Sealant Program:

This whole project has been such an incredible journey for the leadership team and the volunteers. Seeing the growth of the dental program has truly inspired us – it’s hard to believe how much we have grown in numbers, donations, and love for the Jamaican communities. Negril has been extra special for a lot of us here because of the start of the Sealant Study and Pilot Program. We feel so thrilled to be working on a Pilot project that will have such a great impact on Dental Care throughout the entire island for years to come. Being out in the field watching the project blossom is giving us just a little glimpse of the potential of Great Shape and it makes us so excited for the future of the program.

Thanks Kelliann! Now, enjoy some of her photos!