Our volunteers from Great Shape! Inc. always give glowing testimonies about their time down in Jamaica. But below is a quote from a Jamaican teacher, Jacqueline, about the impact that Teach the Teachers has made on her:

“Words can hardly express my feelings at this time.  The two weeks have gone so quickly but I have learnt so much.  Thanks a million Great Shape! Inc.  I will miss you all guys but I will use what I have learnt to change my world.  KNOWLEDGE is POWER!
Thanks Brad for your foresight in starting this program.  Thanks Cindy, Bruce, Valerie, Chris, Caroline, Ray, Noah, Britney, Marcia , Dwight and Asauney  for your selflessness and  patience. God bless you all! You have touched our lives in ways that you don’t even understand.  The experience was enjoyable, exciting and informative.”
Thank you for your impactful experience and wanting to share about it!