It’s nearing the end of the summer. That means, stores are stocking up with school supplies and school buses will start to emerge on our morning commute. In all of this hustle and bustle, the Great Shape! summer interns will be saying farewell to the office. We have all had an incredible experience working with such a passionate group of individuals. From day one, we were taken in, nurtured and treated like family. This has been a truly unique experience that will impact us forever.

“I am so blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with Great Shape! It a non-profit that without a doubt I want to stay connected with in the future. The staff are all amazing and unique people who truly care about making the world a better place – not about the numbers increasing on their paycheck. After working as an intern I have been able to hear so many life-changing stories about how Great Shape! has affected so many different people. I am so thankful for Great Shape! and all they have done and so excited to continue to see them better the beautiful world we live in!” –Hannah Phalen

“I love the positive spirit and the family atmosphere of Great Shape!  Every interaction is always uplifting with everyone we talk to from the board members to all of the volunteers.  It really feels like we are appreciated and welcome with open arms and a warm heart.  The Jamaican culture, which I was ignorant of before, is intoxicating.  I absolutely cannot wait to visit and to volunteer on one of the projects down there.  The entire experience has taught me so much about, not only the PR/Marketing industry, but about life.  I can only hope that Great Shape! has benefitted half as much from me as I feel it has given me.” –Damon Pilgrim

“Being a part of the Great Shape! family has been a tremendous blessing. I have witnessed so much love and commitment towards the humanitarian projects in Jamaica. I love the philosophy of Great Shape!, that everyone can make a difference, no matter where you are in the world. I am so glad that I have had this opportunity to be a part of a movement that has had such a huge impact over the course of its 24 years. I plan to stay connected to this wonderful organization, and will continue to volunteer!” –Annie Worman

“I have really enjoyed how Great Shape! Inc. is truely a family. When someone needs help, we all pitch in without question. Great Shape! Inc. will definitely be a part of my life forever.” –Heather Hurley

Left to right: Damon, Annie, Hannah, Heather