While Jamee is in Jamaica, she’ll participate in the SuperKids literacy program. SuperKids is a two week, educational, humanitarian program focused on empowering the children and families in rural Jamaican communities. Jamee will work in one of the four participating schools, teaching different sports to children from grades 1-6. Like all volunteers, she collected school supplies for the students such as notebooks, dry erase boards, construction paper, chalk, pens, and more.


10421116_738357449577112_2479832151617708257_n(Donations for this year’s SuperKids project)

Jamee’s parents, Walt and Tracy, who will also be volunteers on the trip, helped contribute to the cause. Tracy, whom Jamee calls a, “superb, impressive fundraiser”, called upon friends and community members to raise $800 in donations to help buy more supplies.


(Picture from SuperKids volunteer, Caroline Palmer)

Jamee says, “Due to the generosity of everyone, we bought a lot more than required. In addition to the school supplies, a friend of ours donated 20 basketballs from the Phoenix Suns basketball team. Delta Airlines also provided some baggage waivers since we were going to Jamaica for a humanitarian purpose. Everyone was super helpful!”

After spending so much time looking through Great Shape! Inc.’s photographs on the social media sites, Jamee says she’s most excited to meet the kids. “They are all SO ADORABLE,” exclaimed Jamee, “They all have such a smiling outlook on life. I can’t wait to spend real time with them rather than just seeing pictures on Facebook. Kids are extremely receptive and I can’t wait to share with them my love of sports. Plus I’ll connect sports to literacy, it’ll be a new challenge.”



(Students pictured participating in a game called wheel barrow racing)

As Jamee’s adventure starts we’ll see what happens when you dive into the amazing Jamaican experience for the first time. “I have never been a part of a volunteer project like this and I can’t wait to see how it goes! I’m going in with an open mind and can’t wait to see what happens!!”

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Check back in to hear first time SuperKids volunteer, Jamee Mason, share her personal experiences about traveling abroad, helping others, and volunteering in a completely unique place, #JameeInJamaica!

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