Greetings from 2 of the SuperKids co-directors Georgene Crowe and Gretchen Lee. Fun was had by all early Sunday morning, August 8th, 2010 as we packed 25 boxes full of books and 4 big bins full of school supplies to ship to Jamaica for our SuperKids literacy project 2010.

We are so blessed and grateful to have Orette Facey and Billy Whyte to help us. Orette is Gretchen’s son and Billy is her nephew: Both from Jamaica and living in The Rogue Valley. Orette and Billy wanted to share the fun experience in shipping school supplies and books so greatly needed by children of their/our sweet sweet Jamaica! Gretchen and I are happy we did not have to lift the boxes! and of course to hear the ‘chat’ of home news of Jamaica as we all worked.

Tuesday August 10th, 2010 our one big pallet was shipped off to Miami to be added to 7 pallets of books from Portland, school supplies from FirstBook, iCare vision project and 1000 smiles dental project supplies: all traveling in the same container to Montego Bay, Jamaica by freighter at the end of the month.

BIG UPS! to Zuna Johnson, retired teacher/principal for stepping out again to get us books donated from the Medford School District this year! Give thanks and praise for all school supplies and books donated by SuperKids 2010 volunteers! The children of Jamaica say “thank you”…. or “t’anks fi de school supply and book dem.”