Quick story from Papa Joe and Teresa, iCare volunteer, in Jamaica…

Teresa’s first time with the iCare vision program is starting off to be rather memorable. She has been to Jamaica with Great Shape! Inc. before with the 1000 Smiles project but feels that this year she is getting a chance to experience the true Jamaica. While out with Papa Joe the other night they had a memorable experience with some local Jamaicans.

There was a big rain storm happening just as sunset was about to descend across the Jamaican skyline. Papa Joe pulled the car over so we could watch the beautiful colors paint the sky. While we were sitting and chatting, some young men came around and began talking with us. Papa said that “these were the nicest guys, so friendly and open.” The men ended up sharing a meal with Papa and me, which had been prepared at their father’s restaurant just across the street. Papa is hoping to have the last meal with the iCare volunteers at the restaurant later in the week.

Jamaica is a beautiful place filled with caring giving individuals. It amazes the Great Shape! team each year as to how much the Jamaican people really change their lives.

Thanks Teresa!!

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