jamaica2013__368The ability to read and write are two of the most important skills one can have in life. While communication is key, the roots of communicating begin with reading and writing, attributes than many people around the world cannot say they have. Reading, which is the focal point today, is something that can be important for just about everyone. According to a Huffington Post article by Anna Leahy, “reading might be one of the most human of all activities.”

This is why Great Shape! Inc. created SuperKids, a literacy project devoted to enhancing literacy and computer education in rural Jamaica. In many places where GSI works, the literacy rate is around 40%…a number that GSI volunteers are striving to raise.

Project Superkids works with children in grades 1st through 6th, the ages where reading is an important building block for education. At Great Shape! Inc. we believe that granting the gift of literacy is one of the most life enriching humanitarian efforts.

By learning to read at a young age, children will grow up with the skills to acquire reputable jobs, communicate with others, and overall enhance their quality of life. The simple skill of knowing how to read can translate into the most powerful ability to lead.

We are helping to make a change, and YOU can help.

Volunteer with us in Jamaica by checking out our website: www.gsjamaica.org or by emailing superkids@gsjamaica.org