The last week of Great Shape! Inc.’s SuperKids project closed in Ocho Rios on Friday, November 20th. Can you believe that volunteers served 16,000 Jamaican children in only two weeks!

SuperKids provides curriculum and tools for literacy, computer labs, art, music and sports to under-funded schools near Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Schools receive teams for each component of SuperKids who work with the schools’ principals, teachers and students. This year, 7 schools received teams consisting of educators, college students, and folks who just love children, and 11 schools received books and computer equipment. Over 15,000 books were delivered!

SuperKids isn’t just a life-changing experience for Jamaican children, volunteers are impacted as well. Volunteer Virginia Sibowitz says, “I didn’t realize I was supposed to be here this year. I’m so grateful I followed the calling. The impact on my life and the lives of the students is amazing.”

Such amazing work wouldn’t be possible without Sandals Resorts International and dedicated SuperKids volunteers. A Big Up! to our partners and all Great Shape! volunteers, far and wide. Thanks for helping change the lives of thousands!