Students at Boscobel Primary School. Photo courtesy of Tiffany Rinaldi.

Last week, our SuperKids literacy project wrapped up in Ocho Rios. Here are some tidbits on how things went at the schools from our volunteers:

  • Volunteer Tika Melroy’s school came up with a common theme for the art, music and sports programs. Students learned to play baseball, sang “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” and drew a baseball diamond… and loved it!
  • Volunteer Ashley Paulus’s class wrote letters to the Jamaican Parliament about what their school needs. Most children wrote about running water or books. One boy named Treasure told Ashley, “Peace! All I want is peace, miss.”
  • SuperKids also put on clean-up days at the schools. Since the schoolyards are often littered with trash, students learned the importance of keeping their schools clean. Volunteers made cleaning fun by setting up a competition between the students’ sports teams.
  • In other SuperKids news, all eight computers at each school are up and running. We were also able to give books to 20 more schools than expected!

Thanks SuperKids volunteers for another successful year!