18 year old Kayla Mildren shares with us her joys,challenges, and skills all in the first week of volunteering in Ocho Rios with SuperKids Project.

What are your 3 joy moments?
  1. Meeting the volunteers and children
  2. Getting a bread nut hill tie at the end
  3. Being thanked by the children for me coming
What 3 challenges did you have the first week in Ocho Rios?
  1. Confusing a period and a full stop
  2. The kids on Friday saying miss Kayla please don’t leave
  3. Working with a girl in 6th grade who wouldn’t speak  
What are 3 new skills or traits you acquired or practice during your project?
  1. Working to make friends quickly
  2. Learning about the customs
  3. Finding out I love to volunteer and want to do it again and again and I want to come back next year!