August 6th is the beginning of the Teach the Teachers project.  This is the second year of this budding project.  GreatShape! Inc. is partnering with Massachusetts Institute of Technology’sInternational Development Club (MIT IDC).
For years there has been a missing link in the sustainability of the literacy program, SuperKids.  SuperKids is a very successful program, increasing literacy rates in the involved schools by 18%. The students have always been the focus of the SuperKids program.  However, after our volunteers leave, how do the teachers continue on the learning path we have set?  Without basic computer knowledge themselves, this has been difficult for the Jamaican teachers.
Enter MIT and the Teach the Teachers project.  
Through our partnership with MIT IDC, we are now able to place the final piece of the puzzle. Volunteers from Great Shape! and MIT will visit Green Island High School starting August 6 for two weeks.  The first week is dedicated to familiarizing teachers with the basics of computer hardware and the internet.  This allows the teachers to be able to trouble-shoot simple technical issues that may arise.  The benefits of the internet to a teacher, of course, are boundless.
The second week teaches the teachers the basics of MS Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. These are critical elements to effective computer use.  This year, there will be an emphasis on the hardware portion of the curriculum.

Project leaders Brad Adams from Great Shape! and Victoria Okwneye of MIT IDC join with Gregg Gassman from Southern Oregon University and his wife Pat to bring the gift of computer confidence to Jamaican teachers.  We also welcome Mackenzie Christian who just graduated from Lewis & Clark H.S. in Spokane, WA and Greyson Warnock, a new family member of Brad’s.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to the success of this project and all of the efforts of the Great Shape! family. We are blessed.