At the epicenter of Great Shape! Inc. lies the pulse of who we are, what we do and why we do it but most importantly those who make it happen.  Our volunteers.  As many of you rang in the New Year, Great Shape! volunteers from all over the continental United States met in the City that Never Sleeps, Seattle.  It was no coincidence that the pulse of our organization met here.  One of our great volunteers, Dr. Yagi hosted the event. 

Who: About 60-70 Great Shape! Inc. Volunteers

What: Volunteer Shabang!

When: Weekend of January 21st
Where: City That Never Sleeps: Seattle, WA

The party was great. It was very joyful and great to be surrounded by so many people excited about helping others. The food was delicious and I had the opportunity to meet some amazing people” commented Teal, a SuperKids volunteer in 2009.  Many of the attendees at the party had either previously volunteered with Great Shape! Inc. or had joined this year. 
   Sara, a 2 year volunteer with the Green Island Sealant Project which is part of the 1000 Smiles project stated, “it was fun filled, with volunteers representing all three Great Shape! Projects- Literacy, 1000 Smiles and iCare.  Current, Past, and even future volunteers came to hear about the projects and mingle with everyone.”
Jen, a volunteer who has worked with both 1000 Smiles and SuperKids (a 5 year in counting volunteer with GS) said, “it was great to see many returning volunteers, new one’s and people who were just learning about Great Shape! inc.” Sharing what GS is all about was a highlight than many volunteers commented on.
Lori, a volunteer from both Week 5 and 6 reminisced that it was “fun to watch the slide show again and remember all the good times we have had. We always leave the party with talks about meeting again in Ashland, Oregon for the summertime, and then plans to reunite in Jamaica in the fall.”

In addition to the reminiscing and the catching up, Executive Director, Joe Wright presented on 1000 Smiles and how well the project succeeded in 2011. The slide show was beautifully crafted and represents Great Shape! Inc as a whole.

We love seeing the amount of love and dedication that our volunteers have.  It is great to see the ripple effect from one person to the next.  One Love, thank you volunteers for your time and hard work.  Look forward to seeing you this coming fall!