The winner of the 2014 Jamaican vacation is Dr. Darrell Chun, from California! The annual drawing for the Great Shape! Inc. vacation is for people who support volunteers through Sponsor a Smile. The ‘Sponsor a Smiles’ add up so that all kinds of people can participate in our many service projects.

“I was sponsoring my patient, Brittan Vacura who is now a second year Dental Student at UCSF, my Alma Mater. So it was my pleasure to support Brittany in such a great endeavor. I know that many people in Jamaica benefited from the generosity and time that Great Shape! helped to organize,” remarked Dr. Chun. We are so grateful for Dr. Chun’s generosity and for all the gifts of all those who participated this year. Dr. Chun added, “I will continue to support any of the UCSF students going to Jamaica in the future and would encourage others as well as you may be surprised how such a fantastic trip can affect you, just like I was!”

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