In first person. Great Shape! Executive Assistant and SuperKids Volunteer Tiffany Rinaldi:

After interning and working for Great Shape! Inc. for a year, I was extremely grateful when I had the opportunity to be a part of the SuperKids Team ’09. My experience in Jamaica last year was everything I had hoped it would be. There are so many fun memories that I have of the children at Boscobel Primary and I can’t wait to make new memories this year. Here are some of the highlights that I will never forget.

· Every day going to play outside with the children at their lunch time. I remember stepping outside the very first day and not only being enveloped by a blanket of heat, but by a mass of children. Hands and arms of Jamaican children were everywhere as they all gave me one giant hug. WOW, so much love to receive in one instant…it was overwhelming in such a happy way! The boys and girls taught me their songs and games, and then giggled as I skipped and ran around with them. I’ll never forget my time playing and getting to know them.

· A little boy named Jerome who came up to me on the second day and quickly became my little buddy. He talked to me about school, and also introduced me to the rougher games that the boys played. He was an old soul as he conversed with me like a mini adult. On the last day, with a sad face and big hug he asked me if he would ever see me again and it broke my heart when I had to tell him I wasn’t sure. I told him I really hoped so, and I would try my best to come back. I am so excited to see him this year!

Now I’m counting down the days till I get to see all the smiling faces of students and teachers at Boscobel Primary! 60 more days!

Thank you Tiffany!

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One Love!