Hi, my name is Tressanna Martin and I am the new junior assistant at Let it Shine. One of our favorite clients is Great Shape! Inc., of which I am the student ambassador, so it’s pretty exciting to now be working both angles!

I wanted to tell you why I chose to work for Let it Shine. I chose to work for Let It Shine because it brings me joy to see all the hard work that my mom (the owner of LIS) does around Spokane and the world. I thought why not be someone like my mom for the summer? Follow in her footsteps; see what she does and how she does it. I am hoping that by the end of the summer I will have all the skills just like Lucinda Kay.

I would like to share with you interesting facts about myself: I can do a handstand in a swimming pool and I learned how to do a round off by watching it on YouTube, I am amazing. That’s all I had to share with you today I hope the day is going great.

If you need to schedule time with Lucinda, hire our team for coaching and consulting, shoot me an email: Tressanna@letitshinemedia.com

If you’d like to donate or volunteer with our client, Great Shape! Inc., you can email me for that opportunity as well.

Keep lettin’ it shine!

(From Lucinda Kay, president of Let It Shine and communications director for Great Shape! Inc.: “Tress is amazing. These are her words and she was innovative enough to create this position for herself and our LIS team agreed in her brilliant approach.”)