As written on Tuesday, a flash-flood warning had been issued to all low land areas of Jamaica. The flooding has now manifested itself into a tropical storm named Nicole. It hit Jamaica yesterday, but the effects are still being felt today. 5 people have been confirmed dead in this tropical storm, and many more are feared to be as well. Schools around Jamaica have been closed as well as the US Embassy in Kingston. The storm continues its way up the East coast causing similar flash-flood warnings in Virgina, West Virginia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

In this time, we keep the Jamaican families along with our volunteers in our hearts and pray that they are safe and remain so. You all are doing great things down there- keep it up!

UPDATE: Wind nor rain nor Tropical Storm can keep our volunteers at bay! We received word from Papa Joe yesterday that the volunteers went out and continued with the current iCare project, regardless of the Tropical Storm and flash-flood warnings. Go Team!