What did you learn while volunteering?

People are people everywhere. All teachers want what’s best for kids. I am a strong resilient person.

Why should people volunteer for Great Shape?

Volunteers have an opportunity to receive and give unconditional love, and an opportunity to experience education in “another world”. Cultural awareness is a good thing.

What is one of your favorite moments or memories while working with Great Shape?

I can’t choose one: Our bus and ourselves were mobbed by children on the first day. It was great watching our small group kids have a chance to shine. I was thrilled to be asked to teach quilting to some 5th grade boys.

How would you describe Great Shape?

Great Shape is an upbeat, empowering, amazing organization which does great things for kids.

Did you experience any challenges personally or with the non-profit Great Shape?

I was worried about dealing with the heat/humidity–and with the classroom noise–but I survived them both.

Is there anything else you would like to add about Great Shape?

The experience had an impact on my life. I am currently having fun buying books for these great kids.