Tara Montgomery, Salli-Jo Walker and Shantelle Senior

Great Shape! Inc. is thrilled to announce that Salli-Jo Walker has joined the Great Shape! team as our full time, 1000 Smiles Program Manager.

She’ll support Executive Director Joseph Wright and Senior Executive Assistant Tiffany Rinaldi on the project this year. She’ll help Joe manage project logistics and liaise with the Ministry of Health. She’ll assist Tiffany with volunteer registration and help manage program supplies and instruments.

Papa Joe says, “After 25 years of service in action, we can finally celebrate a dream come true: hiring a Jamaican at Great Shape! full time to help run our programs.

Interested to know more about Salli-Jo? She was born in the Parish of St. Andrew, Jamaica, and grew up in one of the island’s largest fishing communities, Old Harbor Bay. Salli-Jo attended UTECH and originally studied mechanical engineering, but soon realized that she was called to pursue becoming a dental hygienist. Studying at UTECH presented her with an opportunity to volunteer with Great Shape! Inc. Without having to think twice, Salli-Jo packed her bags and began her journey. “A journey which turned out to be life changing and memorable!” says Salli-Jo. “It was one of the most fulfilling and rewarding services I had ever given in my life. The experience and the knowledge I garnered from the tutelage of Kerri Ransom, Dr. Ran and Susan and the many others that taught me on the project, is priceless and incomparable. Lessons I will never forget. Indeed I believe that Great Shape! has done for me way more than I could ever do for it.”